ZHU’s “In The Morning” Gets A Retro MSTRKRFT Flip


At first it didn’t feel like MSTRKRFT‘s return was really happening. The blog house duo’s sound hails back to a simpler time in electronic music history (a lot changes in seven years), making it hard to tell whether their upcoming album, Operator, would be received well in the context of today’s music landscape.

…But then, along came the duo’s ZHU remix.

With their new album a month out, MSTRKRFT have released a remix of ZHU’s “In The Morning” that proves them more than capable of staying current. A less-is-more bassline and drum pattern accompanies the eerie vocal top line of the source material, but just past the two minute mark, an unconventional breakdown gives the arrangement an element of the avant-garde.

MSTRKRFT have announced that Operator will come out on July 22nd, and are in the middle of a North American tour likely intended to put their name back in dance music fans’ mouths before it comes out. After it wraps up next week, expect to see more music like their remix of ZHU’s “In The Morning” trickle out in the weeks leading up to the album release.