Vogue Makes Statement On BP Oil Spill

Courtesy of Vogue

The politically-charged September issue of Italian Vogue is causing a stir from Europe to North America. The magazine features a 24-page layout with model Kristen McMenamy on an oily beach, looking like one of the many casualties of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Courtesy of Vogue

Tasteless photography or inspiring art? Seeing McMenamy in one of the photos choking on water, similar to the countless animals who have breathed their last breath with a mouth full of oil, begs the question to be asked – Has Vogue gone to far or have they created a masterpiece of photographic journalism?

The images (shot expertly by Steven Meisel) are controversial to say the least, but the message gets across clearly and respectfully. Italian Vogue has long been the industry-standard for fashion, but they have also led the way in bringing to light the issues of the day through their photo spreads. This is no different. The images are raw and thought-provoking. I mean we are talking about the worst oil-spill in this planet’s history. Don’t blame Vogue, blame BP.

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