3LAU’s “Is It Love” Ft. Yeah Boy Is A Feelgood Anthem


These days, electronic music fans are tired of jumping up and down – more and more of them would rather just dance. That’s something that 3LAU is clearly recognizing. While the producer doesn’t seem like he’s all that keen on sticking to a genre to begin with, what he’s delivered in the form of “Is It Love” makes for a welcome interruption of his usual programming.

The track is some kind of house, that’s for sure, but it’s hard to assign it a label. It’s too synth-y to be deep house yet too soft to be future house – and the more you think about it, the longer Yeah Boy’s infectious vocal will be stuck in your head throughout the day.

For its charming simplicity alone, 3LAU‘s “Is It Love” will likely become a festival season staple in the months to follow. Check it out for yourself above and let us know what you think of the track by dropping a comment.