A Pendulum Remix Is On The Way


Pendulum has been resurrected, and they’ve got a remix in the works. We’ve made it a point to educate newer dance music fans on the significance of the drum and bass group’s reunion at Ultra Music Festival this weekend, and it looks like they plan for it to be more than a one-off performance.

Recently, Rob Swire tweeted his Pendulum to-do list:

While most of it reads like producer jargon and doesn’t necessarily hint at any big news, the third item suggests that among his projects is a Pendulum remix of an as-yet-unidentified track. With Ultra right around the corner, it only makes sense that they would use the festival to debut the track in front of a live audience.

If you plan to see Pendulum‘s live reunion this weekend, you’ll probably get to hear the remix’s live debut in person. Otherwise, you can look out for its official release shortly thereafter.