Alicia Silverstone on Teaching Love of Animals to Son, Bear
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Alicia Silverstone on the importance of teaching love of animals to her son, Bear

She's raising Bear to understand the importance of compassion for animals.

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Glamour

Alicia Silverstone is speaking out about the importance of loving animals and how it’s a vital part of the way she’s raising her son, Bear.

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, Silverstone shares the importance of animal love and awareness by highlighting the excellent work that Farm Sanctuary provides. PEOPLE provided a first look at the adoration she shares for animals and those who help them.

“For animal lovers, Mother’s Day can be bittersweet when we think of the other species who just want to love their babies and are robbed of the opportunity to exercise their maternal instinct because of human greed and exploitation in factory farming.”

She shares that raising her son Bear to understand how to treat animals is so important and that the two love to spend time together at Farm Sanctuary.

“That’s why raising Bear with an awareness of animal sentience and compassion — not just for the animals we share our home with, but for the entire animal kingdom — has been my bedrock of being a Kind Mama.”

Silverstone describes the impact of Farm Sanctuary and how it has created a place for animals to heal, rest, and bond with one another. Calling them “ambassadors of compassion,” Silverstone really understands the importance and the benefit of the love of an animal on the human heart.

“Farm Sanctuary is a place where survivors of animal agriculture come to rest, heal, discover friendships, and live as nature intended. Finally free from harm, these incredible animals learn to forgive humans and be incredible ambassadors of compassion.”

You can follow Farm Sanctuary on Instagram and learn more about their cause and ways to get involved.