ALMA’s Vocals Set Felix Jaehn’s “Bonfire” Ablaze


It’s certainly a tropical house time of year, which means that Felix Jaehn‘s new single stands a solid chance of becoming plenty of music fans’ 2016 festival anthem. That’s not to diminish Finnish singer/songwriter ALMA’s contributions to the track, however, as she’s delivered the sort of top line sure to fuse it into your memory for many months to come.

Undeniably centered around ALMA’s soulful lyrics, “Bonfire” differs from most trop house in that its melancholy tone sounds almost likens it to something that English songstress Adele might put out. Felix Jaehn supplements her singing with pillowy pluck synths that trade places with a resonant bass line at the chorus.

As of yesterday, July 18th, Felix Jaehn‘s “Bonfire” featuring ALMA has surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify. It’s out now through Universal Music sub label L’Agentur, so if you like what you hear below then head over to iTunes and download the track for yourself.