Anger leads to hate as ‘Star Wars’ fan at Disneyland is personally offended by toy lightsaber selection

Luke Sykwalker
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A Star Wars fan at Disneyland was not having it with their menu of toy lightsabers and took to the r/StarWars subreddit to complain. Reddit user “muckwar” posted a picture of the choices they were offered after stepping off the motion-simulator ride. Among the issues – no Anakin Skywalker, and several of the lightsabers looked really “off-model,” not at all what they look like in the films. But worst of all – the is a huge offense in the Galaxy Far Far Away – they’re offering Luke Skywalker’s Return of the Jedi lightsaber as Rey’s.

However, before you get your flannel Return of the Jedi pajama bottoms in a twist and pick up your red plastic Mickey Mouse pen and write a letter of complaint in big block letters on your Uncle Scrooge stationary, there’s a logical explanation for all of this, and “kentonj” is here to be the voice of reason.

Apparently, there are two different “build a lightsaber” stations at Disneyland. One is the serious adult “Build-A-Saber” in a hidden outpost in the “Galaxy’s Edge” ride, where adults who want to spend 30 minutes and $220 + tax can learn the ways of lightsaber construction. The other is a much more frivolous station outside of Star Tours where children can just jam any old lightsaber pieces together because they aren’t old enough to understand how serious the Jedi religion is for its practitioners.

“kentonj” also reminded everybody to cool their jets because Rey was the last person to use the lightsaber, but it was a saber that Luke built with a graflex (or as those of us in this galaxy call it, a “handle”) based on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s, thus bringing the whole Skywalker saga to a close.

Meanwhile, other users have pointed out that the lightsaber labeled as Luke’s was actually Anakin Skywalker’s. Here’s a response:

While “the daveness” wants to know why only Luke gets the Jedi title from whatever underpaid graphics intern at Disney had to throw this together at 2am:

Finally, “SwingingSalmon” reminds everyone on the Star Wars subreddit that this is the reason the wider world makes fun of them:

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