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Animatronic Spider-Man fails to stick the landing at Avengers Campus

Brace for impact.

Image via Marvel Studios

Visitors to Disney California Adventure’s Avengers Campus were treated to a whole new narrative after Spider-Man went off the rails during the A Spider-Man Adventure attraction show.

In a clip shared to Instagram, the incident can be seen in which the Struntronic robot Spider-Man that enters the scene swinging onto the roof of a building instead wound up crashing into the side tearing down a part of the set in the process.

As you can hear from the clip, the crowd was shocked and let out a collective “Ooooooh” after seeing the web-slinger make impact.

Fortunately, this was just a robot and no employees or guests were harmed due to the malfunction. The ride has an audio track providing dialogue for the characters in the show and hilariously at the time of impact, it wanted Spider-Man that “The Web facility is not equipped with airbags” — an understatement to say the least.

According to the poster of this initial clip, the ride was stopped for a few hours before starting back up as normal later. This was confirmed by another clip shared on Twitter that shows the attraction back in motion.

Speaking to Deadline, a spokesperson for Disneyland made light of the situation.

“As with any flight, there can be some bumps along the way, but Spider-Man was back in action in time for his afternoon adventures in Avengers Campus!”

While it wasn’t ideal at least these guests got a unique experience during their time at the Avengers Facility.

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