Army Of The Dead Has Netflix Users Panicking About Their TVs

army of the dead
via Netflix

Now that Army of the Dead is finally available on Netflix and doing exactly what we all expected it to do by dominating the most-watched list in almost every country that the streaming platform can be accessed from, the rumor mill has already exploded into life about what comes next for the company’s new in-house franchise.

It helps that reviews have been pretty solid across the board, too, because we all know that there’ve been a ton of high profile and costly Netflix originals that arrived to much fanfare, drew in big numbers and then were never spoken of again mere weeks after releasing. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Army of the Dead, however, and though we won’t know for a while yet how much staying power it has, it certainly seems to have captured the internet’s imagination.

However, one thing in particular about the film has been causing a bit of panic for many Netflix users, with tons of subscribers thinking their TVs are broken to due the dead white pixels they see when they watch the movie. But if you’re one of those who might be getting ready to return your television or trade it in for a new one, know that these pixels are actually part of Army of the Dead itself.

Suffice it to say, a lot of folks didn’t realize this and took to Twitter to share their reaction, as you can see below:

In fact, the issue isn’t even isolated to Zack Snyder’s heist film, with some subscribers pointing out that they’ve seen the same thing in other Netflix productions. Still, it’s not like it’s noticeable to enough to ruin the movie and you’d imagine that most people watching Army of the Dead didn’t even catch it at all.

Tell us, though, did you see the dead pixels while viewing the film? Let us know below.