ATTLAS Drops His Latest EP Bloom


Mau5trap favorite ATTLAS dropped his latest EP over the weekend, delivering the five track release Bloom. In his own words, the new effort features a narrative that runs throughout its tracklist, and tells “a small story of frost melting, winter thawing to colors and sounds.”

Bloom features an organic approach to its production, featuring plenty of human elements like guitars, pianos and voices set alongside the icy electronic atmospheres and rigid beats. Tracks like “Shadow Play” and “Colors” bring enticing vocal collaborations to the mix that elevate the collection’s listenability. The previously heard “Ryat,” meanwhile, serves as Bloom‘s most experimental effort, with whining synths and electronic percussion, while the closer “Avenue Road,” features a largely acoustic backtrack set behind sampled, glitching voices.

On his latest effort, ATTLAS delivers high class productions that let rhythm take the back burner in favor of emotive melodies and sorrowful progressions, and Bloom is all the stronger for it.

Make sure to grab your own copy of the new EP here.