Aubrey Plaza got married because she was bored

Image via Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Aubrey Plaza is renowned for playing hard to please characters such as April Ludgate in the sitcom Parks and Recreation. Well, it turns out Plaza is just as hard to please in real life.

In a recent interview on The Ellen Show, Plaza revealed that her and long term boyfriend Jeff Baena didn’t know what to do on their 10 year anniversary during the lockdown, and she was so bored that they spontaneously decided to get married.

Anyone who has seen Plaza’s characters can attest that this is very on-brand for the actress. She then elaborated on how the wedding came to be while talking to her now-husband during the lockdown.

“I said ‘hey it’s our ten year anniversary we should do something’…and then I joked about getting married and he’s like ‘we probably couldn’t get married that fast’…Then I googled it and I found One Hour Marriage dot com.”

Two hours later, it was official. Those of you reading may be wondering why she got married in two hours when the website clearly says one. Well, Plaza explained that as well.

“I called around 5pm and I said ‘can you come in an hour and marry me in our yard’ and he said ‘how about tomorrow?’ and I said ‘well that’s not what your advertising’ and then he said ‘alright I’ll come but I’m in Alhambra so you gotta pay extra and I’ll be there in two hours’ and I said, ‘sold.'”

Plaza then went on to detail that after that, it was a frenzied mess and her husband almost missed the wedding because he had gone to pick up food and had to wait so long for the order. It does seem a bit sketchy that someone can just go onto a website and then get married a couple of hours later, but Plaza says she’s “pretty sure it’s legal.”

Plaza is undoubtedly one of the funniest actresses both on-screen and off, and her wild lockdown antics are only testament to that. You can watch the sneak peek of her interview down below.

Congratulations to the happy couple. May they continue to find relief from ennui and perhaps a refund from One Hour Marriage dot com after all that free advertising.