Avicii Debuts Speculated Sia Collab During Dubai Performance


Well, this sure is awkward. I just got done writing about how lousy of an artist I think Avicii is, but he dropped a track that I don’t particularly mind all that much.

The Swedish superstar DJ who recently announced his retirement from live touring debuted the track live during a recent performance in Dubai. The vocalist sounds like none other than David Guetta’s “Titanium” singer Sia – and while Alesso was originally rumored to be a collaborator on the track, Billboard confirmed that such was not the case.

And for what it’s worth, if Avicii put out this kind of music on last year’s Stories, I might have given the album another star – maybe even two. Granted, it’s still entry-level main stage EDM, but at least its saccharine vocal hooks and surging synth lead aren’t a complete betrayal of the soudn that made him famous.

No official title or release date have been revealed for Avicii‘s new ID, but it’s safe to assume that more information will emerge in the weeks to follow.