‘Baby Brie’ Larson’s vintage throwback is the early Christmas gift we needed

Brie Larson 'spoils' The Marvels
Image via Marvel Studios

Brie Larson is catapulting fans into the Christmas spirit with a throwback picture of epic holiday proportions. She shared a snapshot of herself at a red carpet event decked out in the perfect sparkly holiday outfit, and it’s serving fashionable candy cane vibes.

In the tweet-turned-holiday card for her fans, Larson notes that this year’s vibe is vintage-themed, and with a poster for The Santa Clause 2 in the background, it certainly fits the bill. The film made its big debut in November 2002, which means Larson was 13 at the time; the image is the definition of a perfect holiday throwback.

Larson’s mega-watt smile proves that she felt thrilled to be there, kicking off the holiday season with one of our favorite Christmas movies of all time. She’s also channeling one of our favorite looks of the early 2000s; rocking a tube top that’s shorter on one side than the other and white flared pants, we’re looking back at our own outfits of Christmas past and feeling a little regretful that we didn’t have this same look in our own closets.

Fans also took to social media to wish Larson a happy holiday season of her own and to point out that, even as a teenager, Larson was a total fashion icon. From the perfectly gelled-back hair to the sandals — there’s nothing she can’t turn into a total look.

Larson would have been the most incredible girl at every high school with this vibe.

Again, you can’t discuss this Christmas look without commenting on the iconic sandals.

Another fan put together a slew of images of Larson on the red carpet in other holiday-themed looks, further proving that red and white are her colors!

We wish Brie Larson a happy holiday season as we revel in the throwback she shared with us today. Here’s to candy cane fashion and a beautiful Christmas season.