Model Bella Hadid says she regrets getting cosmetic surgery as a teenager

bella hadid
Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

Bella Hadid will be profiled in the April issue of Vogue, and even though the 25-year-old is now one of the most recognized models in the world, feeling glamorous didn’t always come naturally to her. On the contrary, Hadid opened up about her previous struggles with body dysmorphia and eating disorders for the first time and even admitted that her previous insecurities led her to get her nose done at just 14 years old.

Due to her striking resemblance to supermodel and former French first lady Carla Bruni, for years there has been speculation that Hadid even brought photos of Bruni with her to a cosmetic surgeon. Though that may or may not have been true, in either case, Hadid says she now regrets her nose job.

“I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors,” Hadid told the magazine. “I think I would have grown into it.”

Hadid is ostensibly referring to her father, Palestinian real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, who fled to Syria with his family during the Arab-Israeli War in 1948 and eventually made his way to America, where he took architecture classes at MIT. Her mother is former Dutch model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid, who separated from her father when she was three.

As far as the other cosmetic surgeries she’s been accused of going under the knife for — including getting her eyes lifted, jaw shaved, and lips filled — Hadid vehemently denies the rumors.

“People think I fully fucked with my face because of one picture of me as a teenager looking puffy. I’m pretty sure you don’t look the same now as you did at 13, right? I have never used filler. Let’s just put an end to that. I have no issue with it, but it’s not for me. Whoever thinks I’ve gotten my eyes lifted or whatever it’s called—it’s face tape! The oldest trick in the book. I’ve had this impostor syndrome where people made me feel like I didn’t deserve any of this. People always have something to say, but what I have to say is, I’ve always been misunderstood in my industry and by the people around me.”

Misunderstood or not, Hadid is currently one of the most sought-after models in the industry. Most recently, she walked the highly-coveted runway for Vivienne Westwood during Paris Fashion Week.