Blasterjaxx And Breathe Carolina’s “Soldier” Is Stiff


When an artist like Blasterjaxx releases new music, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even though I haven’t been a fan of anything else they’ve put out recently, I especially wanted to give their latest track a listen with fresh ears because it was a Breathe Carolina collaboration – but even the latter outfit’s songwriting sensibilities couldn’t save “Soldier.”

While significantly more melodic than most of the big room house that Blasterjaxx puts out, “Soldier” falls into the the familiar pattern of sounding more like a digitized marching band theme than anything remotely danceable. The vocals themselves aren’t especially offensive to the ears, but do little to shore up what the other elements of the arrangement fail to contribute.

“Soldier” by Blasterjaxx and Breathe Carolina will be available on March 28th. In the meantime, isten to a preview of the track in the SoundCloud player above and let us know what you think by making a trip down to the comments section below.