WGTC Premiere: Blasterjaxx & DBSTF – “Hit Me”


Dutch duo Blasterjaxx have teamed up with fellow producers DBSTF to drop a kinetic dance single with “Hit Me.” The two production outfits don’t disappoint on their latest effort, delivering a powerful tune that’s primed for the dance floors.

“Hit Me” opens with gentle guitar plucks, shortly joined by enchanting vocals that serve as a focal point through much of the song. Following the radio friendly verses, Blasterjaxx and DBSTF layer rising percussion and a catchy synth part, leading into the house driven drops.

A triumphant melody is layered against driving club rhythms, combining to create an energetic frenzy with the live crowds in mind. Overall, “Hit Me” is a powerful tune that balances its dance sensibilities with catchy pop elements.

Blasterjaxx and DBSTF prove a worthy team on the new single, bringing their best qualities to the mix while securing the song as a memorable release.