Bob Ross fans aren’t feeling the joy of Funko’s new NFTs

Bob Ross
Image via PBS

As NFTs continue to be a polarizing topic across the net, Bob Ross fans are not happy with Funko’s recent decision to release limited edition digital pops of the iconic artist using NFT technology.

Funko will be releasing the NFTs through Droppp on Dec. 21, 2021, and the series will launch via packs, including five or 15 cards in each. For a five-card standard pack, buyers will pay $9.99, and for the premium 15 card pack, $29.99.

As is standard with most NFT projects, these are in limited supply, with only 24,000 standard packs available and 8,000 premium packs.

Funko announced this new release earlier today, and its announcement didn’t go over quite as well as they were likely expecting. Funko fans were quick to heap criticism on the company for their choice to use Bob Ross’s likeness to sell NFTs.

Many commenters pointed out that Ross wasn’t the only dead creator whose legacy is controversially selling NFTs today. For example, iconic Marvel creator Stan Lee also had a range of NFTs in his honor announced today. Similarly, fans of Lee weren’t so keen on the idea of that release either.

There were very few commenters sharing their excitement for this new Funko x Bob Ross release, with most of the comments calling the new release a mistake and claiming that it is disrespectful to Ross, who died in July 1995.

Despite the negative backlash, it appears Funko will continue with the release of these NFTs as planned.