Bodybuilder Victor Richards Death Hoax

Bodybuilder Victor Richards is the latest celebrity to have fallen victim to a death hoax.

Earlier this week, rumors began circulating that Richards had passed away after a bodybuilder named Andreas Cahling shared a Facebook post stating, “R. I. P. Victor Richards, 56.” Richards’ daughter, who wanted to remain anonymous, denied those accusations on Nov. 10 while releasing a statement to Generation Iron.

She told the outlet, “I’m pleased to assure you that my father is, in fact, alive and well. An inaccurate Facebook post has caused a wildfire of false information throughout social media and news outlets. Thank you all for your concern. My family appreciates all of the love the bodybuilding community has shown to my dad.”

Richards’ passion for bodybuilding began at an early age while living in Nigeria, although he didn’t professionally compete until 1982. 

During that time, he entered The American Cup and finished first in the teenage heavyweight division and second overall. Richards went on to enter The Orange County Muscle Classic at 18 years old and placed fourth. The following year his fame grew as he progressed in the bodybuilding world.

In 1992, Richards competed in his final tournament, the Nigerian Championships, and finished first while earning a Pro card. Despite achieving four victories in bodybuilding competitions, details surrounding his disappearance from the bodybuilding world remained unclear.