Borgeous And 7 Skies Enlist Neon Hitch For “Lost & Found”


Borgeous recently teamed up with Italian producer 7 Skies and vocalist Neon Hitch on a track that turned out unexpectedly – if you’re as jaded as I am, anyways. Even though the Miami DJ/producer almost certainly utilizes ghost producers on his solo releases, “Lost & Found” features no discernible influence from his collaborator.

Instead of the main stage-friendly progressive house synth work that characterizes most 7 Skies songs, “Lost & Found” follows a melodic trap format similar to some of Borgeous’ recent music. Neon Hitch’s vocals remain front and center in each verse, with two different variations of the drop following behind.

The song is even well-produced, if I’m being honest – but the high-pitched melody of the drop still grates on my nerves. That being said, I could actually imagine it working pretty well in a live setting even if it’s not something I’d cue up myself.

After listening to Borgeous and 7 Skies’ “Lost & Found” featuring Neon Hitch, you have to wonder if the former artist is involving himself more in the creative process behind his tracks nowadays. Only time will tell, so look out for more of his singles and remixes over the remainder of the 2016 festival season.