Boxing expert predicts Mike Tyson will ‘kill’ Logan Paul should their anticipated bout go forward

mike tyson will kill logan paul in fight

Retired boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon has a grudge with the celebrity boxing duo of YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul. Speaking to SunSport, the former champion said he thinks their careers are illegitimate, and wants to see them proven frauds.

I think they should separate that type of entertainment so everybody knows it’s only exhibitions. It’s a shame that those two brothers are running up there and disrespecting boxers who have really worked hard.

Witherspoon continued, explaining why he thinks the Paul brothers are conning the boxing community.

You know what, there is nobody who is in the top ten current ranking that these brothers are fighting, those brothers know what they’re doing they’re trying to get top guys on TV who are no longer in their peak or non boxers.

“The Paul brothers should be made to fight guys in the top ten,” Witherspoon insists, “the Logans won’t even win. They’re conning the boxing public and community and I think it’s a shame.”

Logan Paul began white-collar boxing in 2018 against fellow YouTuber KSI, only to make a professional debut the next year in a rematch. So far, it’s his only professional match, and counts as a loss on his record.

Earlier this year, Logan Paul’s otherwise nonexistent boxing career culminated in an exhibition match with former five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. The highly-publicized match ended in a draw, but Paul’s not done yet.

Mike Tyson has himself fought one exhibition fight since returning to the ring last year. The match against Roy Jones Jr. ended in a draw. The boxing icon has also taken to posting on TikTok, where he’s garnered his own viral celebrity by sharing clips of his intense training routine.

Rumors began circulating a month ago that the YouTuber and boxing icon would face off in Tyson’s next match, set for February 2022. Logan Paul confirmed that talks have taken place, but admitted nothing is actually planned. Still, that hasn’t stopped everyone from random users on Twitter to former WBC champions from weighing in on the potential fight.

Mike Tyson will kill him. He’s not going to be able to do anything to Mike. Mike’s going to kill him. Mike might not even hurt him; Mike might get in there and play with him. So it’s not real serious stuff. And the commission allowed this stuff.”

Jake Paul — the younger brother, fellow YouTube celebrity, and part-time boxing companion of Logan — will fight Tommy Fury on Dec. 18.