Calvin Harris Delivers Break-Up Themed Single With John Newman


Back when Calvin Harris and pop star Taylor Swift were still dating, one didn’t have to look past too many comment sections on the major EDM blogs to find a slew of jokes about how the Scottish DJ was destined to become the subject of one of Swift’s many break-up songs. What no was expecting though was that Harris would beat the superstar vocalist at her own game.

Today, Calvin Harris and John Newman have released their latest collaboration “Olé,” a summery jaunt with lyrics that allude to the highly publicized breakup. The production gets the back burner here in favor of a stripped down sound with gentle guitar strums and swanky Latin rhythms, as Newman’s smooth vocals take the spotlight.

With no confirmation as to the song’s lyrical subject matter, fans can only speculate about the themes in Calvin Harris‘ latest effort.

Now we just to need to wait and see if Taylor Swift drops her own break-up single in response…