‘Cars 3’ undergoes an unexpected reappraisal on Twitter

Cars 3 Lightning McQueen and Cruz
Image via Disney

Fans of Pixar are retroactively praising the promotional material for Cars 3 after a viral post put an impressively intense piece of artwork back into the spotlight.

It all started when Matt Ramos posted an image for Cars 3, which showed Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen doing a gravity-defying flip, whose outcome seems quite uncertain, based on the tagline, “From this moment, everything will change.”

“Name a better teaser poster. I’ll wait…” Ramos captioned the post.

Another fan rightfully remarked, “there was absolutely no reason for the Cars 3 poster to go THIS hard.”

Another user pointed out how, while the poster seemed to indicate the film would be the “darkest Pixar movie ever,” no one ended up showing up at the box office to see how the mayhem unfolded.

Another user was simply floored that the completely unnecessary sequel was released half a decade ago. 

Other fans found the renewed attention on the threequel as an opportunity to heap praise on the movie as the true successor to the original, following the disastrous Cars 2

In our own review of Cars 3, we acknowledged its superiority to the second film and being a rock-solid, if somewhat forgettable, effort overall.