Cazzette’s Together Video Showcases The Skills Of Another Duo As Well


Cazzette have been a hot commodity in the EDM world for several years now; as we recently told you, the Swedish duo have been represented by Ash Pournouri, the manager largely credited with launching the career of Avicii, who they also used to tour with. In recent months, though, they’ve adopted more of a house/R&B/disco sound in their productions, and one of their latest tracks, “Together,” has just received a beautiful new music video.

Adhering to the black-and-white motif of some of their other videos, the one for “Together” also features another noteworthy duo: freestyle soccer prodigies SkillTwins. While flowing, abstract imagery accompanies the piano lead and soulful vocals (by Swedish singer Newtimers) in the beginning of the track, its novel percussion at the buildup and gravelly future house bass line at the drop is paired with artfully captured footage of soccer footwork stunts by the identical twin performance artists. We’ve gotta say, it’s definitely got some rewatch value for originality of concept – let alone the danceability of the song itself.

We’d like to know what you think of Cazette‘s music video for “Together,” though. Check out the video above and sound off in the comments section!