Cedric Gervais Teams Up With Jack Wilby On Anthemic “With You”


With festival season about to kick off, there’s no shortage of artists trying to put out the next big track for the main stage. Cedric Gervais has clearly caught the bug as well, because he’s enlisted Jack Wilby on a song titled “With You” that boasts all the hallmarks of mainstream electronic music.

Wilby’s rich, soulful vocal is underscored by a elegantly simple piano melody before a series of claps lathers it up to a crescendo of synth stacks at the drop. While sonically balanced, the arrangement doesn’t take any creative risks – but for what it is, it doesn’t really have to.

That said, as catchy as it is, “With You” doesn’t feature a whole lot that sets it apart from the rest of the heap. Summer anthems like last year’s “Lean On” always have a wild card element that makes them stand out, and as complete as it is, Gervais didn’t come up with something like that for the track.

Of course, that’s just one music fan’s opinion. I want to hear yours, so give Cedric Gervais‘ “With You” featuring Jack Wilby a listen and tell me what you think.