The Chainsmokers Will Let You Go With Their New Track


For their latest original, NYC duo The Chainsmokers are digging into the archives. “Let You Go,” a collaboration with Great Good Fine Ok, has actually been around for a while. The producers had been working on it right around the time that “#Selfie” blew up, but for obvious reasons, had to put it on hold. Once the craziness died down, they were able to get around to finishing it and now, they’ve finally released the completed version.

“The funny part is then ‘#Selfie’ blew up right after and everything went nuts and the song got put on hold while all the craziness was happening which was kind of a bummer because we would have loved to release it during all the chaos to let people know that ‘#Selfie’ was our humor but wasn’t our music style,” the boys told Billboard.

“After the dust settled we finished it up and updated some of the sounds and now finally here we are ready to release it. Honestly, the whole sentiment of the song really captures the spirit of our love for strong indie vocals and the good vibes of progressive house which we based a lot of our earlier work on. So while the interesting fact is that it’s really our first original song we ever made, it still feels very current and relevant to us and we are excited to release it, as our goal has been to collaborate with really talented up and coming artists. Wait till you see the video that may or may not involve a threesome!”

Hoping to capture their love of indie vocals and uplifting progressive house, Drew and Alex consider “Let You Go” the first original song that they ever made. It’s a solid track, as well. With some interesting vocals from GGFO and an emotional melody, it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you head out to various festivals in the coming months and soak up the summer sun.

Take a listen to the latest from The Chainsmokers above and let us know what you think in the comments section.