Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling sing the praises of ‘The Gray Man’ during Netflix Geeked Week

The Gray Man (2022) Ryan Gosling as Six
Paul Abell/Netflix

The Gray Man is one of Netflix’s most anticipated movies of 2022, and Geeked Week is giving fans a closer look at the film’s storytelling, creation, and talent.

Based upon a book of the same name by Mark Greaney, The Gray Man tells a story of good vs. evil, and two powerhouse actors are bringing its main characters to life.

Ryan Gosling stars as Court Gentry, and Chris Evans takes on the role of Lloyd Hansen, enemies with one common goal — to annihilate the other. The film stars sat down with Geeked Week to discuss their roles and the incredible project.

Gosling began by saying that he was thrilled when the Russos reached out to him.

“The Russo Brothers reached out to me about being in the film, and it was really exciting because I’ve always loved action movies. To get to be a part of something like that was really exciting and to be able to do it with the Russos was even better.”

Evans followed up by noting that he was excited to be able to work with Joe and Anthony once again.

“Being able to work with them again was a real treat. With those two, they could ask me to do anything that I do. I’m excited for an action — a true action movie, to have so many good characters and so many good performances.”

Gosling noted that the fight scenes were a complex undertaking, but worth it.

“All the fight sequences were challenging. They were all very different from one another. We try to find a way with the action and every situation we were in to really, you know, be in the space that we were going to be shooting and then find a way to really use that environment.”

Of course, Evans ended the segment by singing the Russos’ praises and crediting them for really knowing how to make an action movie work.

“The Russos, they know every detail of action, why the score works or why the lighting work or just the speeding up of frames and everything — they they’re they’re incredibly attentive to detail, specifically with action.”

Geeked Week also premiered a memorable fight scene between Gosling and Evans, previewing for fans the action and snarky commentary they’ll be able to expect from The Gray Man. Both Gosling and Evans are in awe of the Russo brothers for the movie, but we have a feeling fans will credit them with having just as much wisdom and talent when The Gray Man premieres on July 22.