‘Yellowstone’ star Cole Hauser teases the Beth and Rip spinoff of our dreams

Beth and Rip: Beginning to Happily Ever After
Paramount via Yellowstone YouTube

Be still our Rip and Beth loving hearts, Cole Hauser is sharing some exciting news about a potential Yellowstone spinoff, and we can’t stop thinking about the beautiful idea. 

Hauser spoke with JC Fernandez from KLAS Las Vegas during an event for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which took place in Vegas last weekend. Attending the dinner was an important personal mission for Hauser, who has long believed in the foundation’s mission and what help it provides to families of Special Operations Warriors. 

Of course, Fernandez also asked Hauser about the future of Yellowstone, and his response has us ready to pack up our lives, jump on a horse, and head to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch for a front-row seat to our favorite pop culture love story. Hauser’s answer is everything we could have hoped for when questioned about a Rip Wheeler prequel. 

“I don’t know about a prequel. They’ve been talking a little bit about a spin off — so we’ll see. You know with Beth and I, so we’ll see what happens.”

A Beth and Rip spinoff? Could we be so lucky? While he’s not making any promises, the very idea that it’s been mentioned is enough to keep us well-fed and crossing our fingers for the foreseeable future. 

When asked what kind of spinoff it would be, Hauser said that whatever it is, they’re going to keep it on cable, and for a good reason. 

“We want to keep it on cable so we can we can talk you know — sh**.”

Part of the dynamic between the two that we love so much is that for each romantic moment they share, a snarky one follows. They’re both set in their ways, both proud and confident, but it doesn’t hamper their love — it enhances it. If you remember, the very day Beth proposed, Rip walked right past her and chugged two beers before he could even ask what kind of day she had.

They’ve seen the best and the worst in one another, and it’s only brought them closer. Hauser also commented on married life between the two and what’s new in their relationship. 

“It’s more of the same with Beth and I, which is great, you know; obviously we’re married now. So our relationship kind of flourishes with but I’m living in the main house, which is a bit odd.”

Living in the main house is a change for Rip, but as Beth’s husband, living elsewhere doesn’t make sense. Fans know that Rip had a cabin of his own, but somebody burned it to the ground during the attacks on the Dutton family. 

We’ll see the new living arrangements and the wedded bliss between Rip and Beth when season 5 of Yellowstone kicks off on Nov. 13. Here’s to our favorite romance, a bright future, and a potential spinoff!