Controversial artist Boosie alleges gay people threatened to stab him

Image via Esquire Magazine

VladTV recently released a full interview with Boosie BadAzz, better known as simply Boosie. In the video below, Boosie discusses the recent revelation of Superman’s son coming out as bisexual in the DC Comics universe.

Video via VladTV/YouTube

Boosie continued to mention that he had predicted Jon Kent’s coming out, then proceeded to joke that The Incredible Hulk was next. In his words, Boosie said, “Everything I say comes to life. The Incredible Hulk is gonna be next. They’re gonna have The Incredible Hulk with some f*****g heels on. Six inch heels. ”

Boosie seemed to have a negative reaction overall to the news, which can only be expected given his long history of homophobic comments and acts. Recently, in October 2021, Boosie publicly voiced his disliking for Lil Nas X’s openness with his sexuality. Within those derogatory rants, as attached below, Boosie explicitly suggested that Lil Nas X should commit suicide.

Image via Boosie on Twitter and NME.

As NME reiterates, back in July, Boosie told the 22-year-old that he would “beat his ass” while using homophobic slurs against him. However, in the recent VladTV interview, Boosie contradicted his past actions by saying, “I’ve never been against gays, but they’re pushing it on the kids.” He refers to mainstream media implementing LGBTQ+ content to supposedly — as he feels — “push” the gay agenda on young people.

When making comments against the influential fellow rapper, Lil Nas X, Boosie said on Instagram, as Complex reports, “Nas X say he wanna perform naked onstage for charity. You don’t fuck with him like you fuck with DaBaby. You know, be even-sided, man, be even-sided. You don’t feel that disrespect? Going [to] dance naked? You don’t think that’s disrespect in front of boys who tryna be straight? It’s totally disrespect.”

In November 2021, Boosie even defend his anti-gay rants by claiming that he “made a difference“. Boosie explains that like-minded people had approached him and thanked him for “being their voice” on social media platforms despite the outrage caused by his comments towards Lil Nas X.

Following the discussion of a viral trend involving cross-dressing males, Boosie returned to the Superman topic, saying, “That’s bullying. As somebody straight, I’m bullied. I’m f*****g bullied.”

Additionally, Boosie commented that he had been receiving death threats from gay people in his social media DMs for over nine months. When asked for more details, Boosie added, “A lot of them say that they’re gonna stab me up.” After his explanation, Boosie and Vlad cracked up.

Check out the full video on VladTV or YouTube as linked above.