Dada Life Gives Us One Last Night On Earth


Dada Life fans get their first chance to listen to the duo’s latest single, “One Last Night On Earth,” in full today, thanks to a week-long exclusive period on Spotify.

The track, set to be released for full download next week on June 9th, is another huge smash from Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom. Containing one of the most infectious EDM hooks in recent memory, it’s certain to be a mammoth favourite on the club and festival circuit this year.

A battle cry to dance floor action from the two Swedes, Olle and Stefan traverse brilliantly between the track’s ethereal, ‘hands in the air’ moments and the more fist-pumping, adrenalin-inducing sections. The pair gradually crank the tension up, giving the vocal line and full-bodied piano chords enough breathing room to lay the foundation for an increase in momentum, before exploding through into the break down in typical Dada Life fashion.

It’s another stellar effort from the boys and one that we’re confident will please their fans. Head on over to Spotify and give the track a listen. If you like what you hear, be sure to pick it up when it officially drops next week.