Demi Lovato Hospitalized After Apparent Drug Overdose

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Fans of Demi Lovato are currently sending the pop star their prayers as we’re learning today that she’s been rushed to the hospital following an apparent heroin overdose.

From what we understand, the LAPD responded to a medical emergency at her home in the Hollywood Hills early this morning, where the singer was found and taken to a local hospital. Her condition isn’t known, but TMZ reports that she’s being treated with Narcan, which is a “medication designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose.”

Of course, this isn’t Lovato’s first brush with substance abuse, as she’s struggled with it for a long time and even relapsed quite recently after six years of sobriety. In fact, on her recently released single, “Sober,” she referenced it with lines like: ‘Mama, I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore/ And Daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor.”

Demi Lovato

Furthermore, in her documentary released last fall, titled Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, the star talked about her drug addiction and how she eventually decided it was time to seek help, saying: “I just came to a breaking point; the next 12 months were extremely difficult.”

At the time of writing, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer’s reps haven’t been able to be reached for comment, and though she was set to be on the road this week for a show in Atlantic City, we imagine both that, and all other upcoming concerts for the next little while will be cancelled.

We’ll update you once we learn more but for now, our thoughts and prayers are with Demi Lovato and we hope she makes a speedy recovery.