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Did ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Danielle Maltby break up with Michael Allio? The social media speculation, explained

Warning bells are ringing for Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio as Maltby wiped him from her Instagram.

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Bachelor Nation has been abuzz with speculation over the possible split of Bachelor in Paradise alums Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio. On September 4, Maltby added fuel to the fire when she erased all of her content featuring Allio off her Instagram page.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice her social media purge and began speculating over their relationship status on Reddit. “I think this is the official non-statement statement that we’ve been waiting for,” someone commented on the platform. “I just looked at her profile, and I noticed this! And then I looked at his and he deleted her 2023 photos as well. I looked at the profiles a few days ago, and they still had pictures of each other,” someone else wrote. “Yeah, that’s a big indication they broke up,” one person concluded.

While neither BiP star has confirmed the split, many fans will take Maltby’s social media move as confirmation that the couple is no longer together. Her decision to remove Allio from her grid came a month after Allio made some telling comments about their relationship in a podcast appearance. “I’ll say this. Being in a public relationship, it isn’t fun,” he shared on the August 3 episode of the She’s All Bach podcast. “Danielle and I, like, both agree that the only people that should be in our relationship are us two. So, we think just the healthiest way to have a relationship is to keep it private.”

In the weeks following his podcast comments, fans have been commenting on their Instagram photos and wondering why they no longer posted content together. “Are he and Danielle still together? Haven’t seen any pictures of them together in a long time,” someone commented on Allio’s post from August 29. “Is this how they announce they’re not together anymore, by appearing at events solo?” another asked.

Maltby’s posts were much the same, with someone commenting on her August 29 post, “Are you still with Michael? You never post with him anymore.” Another said, “They won’t answer the question about if they are together. Tons of asks …. crickets.”

Maltby, a nurse practitioner, first joined the Bachelor franchise as a contestant in season 21, then appeared on Bachelor in Paradise for season 4. She returned for season 8, where she met and began dating Allio. As for Allio, the Ohio native was a contestant on The Bachelorette season 17 but left the show due to concerns about his son, James. When Maltby and Allio first met on BiP‘s 8th season, they bonded over losses they’d experienced, as Allio’s wife died of breast cancer in 2019 and Maltby’s fiancé died of a drug overdose in 2011.

Earlier in 2023, Maltby moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to Cleveland, Ohio, to be closer to Allio and his son. When discussing her decision to move states for their relationship, Allio told Us Weekly, “Our relationship was getting so strong that if we really were gonna try to make this whole thing work, we had to live in close proximity.”

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