Did ZHU Reveal His Next Album’s Release Date At Coachella?


The EDM blogosphere is still buzzing after several of the epoch-making performances that took place during week 1 of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. You might recall our own glowing review of ZHU‘s genre-bending set at the Sahara Tent – but even we didn’t quite catch what many are speculating was the release date for his upcoming album.

At the very end of his dreamlike live set, the screen behind ZHU displayed the date July 29th, 2016. While there has been no outright announcement indicating the significance of the date, it’s far enough out after the end of the Neon City tour for him to make whatever finishing touches the speculative album would need.

Album or no album, ZHU‘s well on his way to making the 2016 festival season a major one for his career. He’ll be back to play week 2 of Coachella this next weekend, and fans can surely expect more music from him in the coming months as well.