Is Dreamstate Texas A Cruel April Fools Joke?

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UPDATE: Sorry folks, it turns out that this was indeed just an April Fools joke.

ORIGINAL STORY: The trance family of Texas has a newfound reason to celebrate – although it looks like the news might have reached them a bit earlier than intended. Insomniac Events announced via the Facebook page for their rapidly growing Dreamstate brand that it will expand to Texas in 2016 before abruptly taking down the post.

A vigilant member of the Texas trance community named Jose Camacho managed to snap the following screen shot before the event’s organizers deleted the post:


Where both the SoCal and San Fransisco editions of the inaugural Dreamstate massives took place over two-day periods, the promotional materials reveal that the Fort Worth, Texas edition will span three nights: Friday, November 25th through Sunday, November 27th.

The surprising development arrives in the wake of Insomniac Events CEO and founder Pasquale Rotella’s recent announcement that neither EDC Puerto Rico nor Beyond Wonderland would continue into 2016, reinforcing his claim that the cancellations were not due to downsizing on the promotional company’s part.

It remains unclear why Dreamstate‘s organizers removed the post, but it’s safe to assert that the Texas trance family is in for a treat this fall.