Dusky Shares “Ingrid Is A Hybrid” From Upcoming Album, Outer


The 2016 festival season is turning out to be one in which you should expect the unexpected, as most recently evidenced by Dusky‘s new single. The London-based electronic music duo does not typically stray far from the driving sort of tech house that has only undergone only minor changes in sound design over the last 20 or so years, but they’ve stepped outside their comfort zone substantially with “Ingrid Is A Hybrid.”

Considering that the Lydia EP which Dusky put out a matter of months ago featured decidedly four-four grooves, the syncopated beat and retro synth work occurs to most as a considerable departure for the duo. That said, it’s a welcome one; somehow it doesn’t sound like a forced betrayal of their street cred, and it’s layered enough to keep their more cerebral fan base interested.

In addition, the duo have revealed that “Ingrid Is A Hybrid” is but one track from their upcoming sophomore album, Outer. If most of the effort turns out to be this much different from their signature sound it’s safe to expect that they’ll alienate a segment of their fanbase – but I personally wouldn’t count it as a strike against them if they execute it as well as they did on this track.

After listening to Dusky‘s “Ingrid Is A Hybrid,” stay tuned for more from the duo’s upcoming album, Outer, as we dive further into the depths of festival season.