DVBBS Arrested For Drugs After Two Girls Found Unconscious In Dressing Room


DVBBS have found themselves the subject of particularly unwanted controversy following the events of last weekend. The Canadian duo has been arrested at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest on drug-related charges after two girls were found unconscious in their dressing room at Sziget festival Balaton Sound.

Testimonials contributed by attendees of Balaton Sound indicate that the two girls had been invited onstage after watching DVBBS perform from the front row. They were later found by event staffers unconscious and alone in the duo’s dressing room, and sources have confirmed that they would have had to be accompanied to the closed-off area by an artist.

According to Hungarian website !!444!!!, the duo were already on their way to Sziget Festival by that time. A group of four men including DVBBS were detained by police as part of an investigation related to the dressing room incident, and all but one of them were detained on drug paraphernalia charges after testing positive on a rapid drug screening.

The duo appear to have been released, but their upcoming performance at Sziget Festival on August 13th has been cancelled.

In a statement issued to Hungarian publication Index, DVBBS voiced a desire to cooperate with the investigation and denied that their detainment was related to the dressing room incident. A representative speaking on behalf of the Somogy County Police responded, “Yes, of course it is related.”

We’ll update this article as additional details of DVBBS‘ drug charges surface. In the meantime, though, We Got This Covered reminds our readers to make their festival experiences more about the music than the party – a lesson anyone who lives this lifestyle for longer than a passing phase must learn.