Dzeko & Torres And Hellberg’s “Care For Me” Is A Festival Anthem


It’s about the time of the year that every mainstream EDM artist redoubles their efforts towards putting out a progressive house anthem that will dominate the festival circuit. This week, Dzeko & Torres have offered up a formidable candidate in the form of their Hellberg collaboration, “Care For Me.”

After all, “Care For Me” follows the main stage formula to a T. A memorable female vocal is underscored by house groove just soft enough for fans of more sophisticated styles not to dismiss it right off the bat.

Before you know it, though, an incendiary yet euphoric synth lead carries you above the cloudy canopy illustrated by the verses for several measures. Dzeko & Torres and Hellberg left no room for filler in this track, with each measure serving a deliberate and calculated purpose.

It stands to reason that “Care For Me” by Dzeko & Torres and Hellberg will find its way into quite a few DJ sets once festival season is in full swing, and we can’t wait to hear it live.