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Its officially official: Teen Wolf will be making a comeback in the form of a movie. With this in mind, it’s only right we go back to where it all began, with the original six seasons of the television series. Starring Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, and Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf is a teen TV classic that shares a lot in common with The Vampire Diaries.

Teen Wolf had a solid run, told through six successful seasons, some of which remain far more popular than others. Depending on the season, the series plot may have been broken up, but we’ll be rating the seasons as a whole. This means we’ll be taking both storylines into account.

6. Season 4: The Benefactor

Season four focuses on a supernatural hit list put out by someone known only as the Benefactor. No one knows who or what the Benefactor is, but they do know that all our favorite characters wound up on the hit list. They have no choice but to determine the Benefactor’s identity and motivation before time runs out. Season four also features an intriguing side storyline, which follows Scott’s struggles with becoming an Alpha, and introduces Liam, Scott’s first beta werewolf.

There isn’t anything particularly wrong with season four, but, compared to other seasons, it simply comes across as bland and forgettable. Even a cool concept like a supernatural hit list isn’t enough to elevate this season, nor is the storyline following the characters’ grief following a major character death. This season feels like there is either too much or not enough going on, depending on which episode you’re currently watching. We were introduced to several new characters, but it came across as a cheap way to fill Alison’s role in the pack.

5. Season 5: The Dread Doctors

Season five follows the same storyline through each of its twenty episodes. The season focuses on a group known as the dread doctors, a collection set on changing the game and creating an all-powerful beast under their control. This sets Scott and his pack up to find more and more kids undergoing the transformation into supernatural creatures. This season stands out, thanks to its introduction of several creative new characters, like a boy with harpy talons, a wendigo, and a lamprey.

This season also helps to flesh out Lydia, who spends the beginning of the season trapped in Eichen House, the psych ward in Beacon Hills. The subsequent break out was a long awaited moment for fans, many of whom were awaiting a deeper reveal of Lydia’s powers.

4. Season 1: The Beginning

The premiere season of Teen Wolf couldn’t fall too near the end of this list, it’s just too nostalgic for fans. The plot in this season is pretty basic, however. It follows Scott as he becomes a beta werewolf, finds himself the target of hunters, and ultimately learns Alison’s identity as a hunter. It’s a common story, overall.

Regardless of its predictability, without season one there would be no Teen Wolf. Season one stands out as the season in which all of our favorite characters were introduced, and began their journeys.

Seeing Scott as a baby-faced werewolf barely able to control his powers is delightful, particularly after witnessing the character he becomes by the end of the series. This season is jam packed with a bunch of standard high school tropes, which provides a delightful dose of nostalgia — for some. Other fans aren’t fond of these more commonplace plot lines, but season one is still the one that started it all.

3. Season 2: The Kanima

Season two focuses entirely on a single plot, following the Kanima, a lizard-like shapeshifter with venom capable of paralyzing its prey. Most of the season is spent trying to suss out the identity of the Kanima, while occasionally shifting to follow Derek’s attempts to create a brand new pack of betas.

Alongside the other two storylines, season two also follows Gerard, Alison’s grandfather, on his quest to find vengeance. Season two is pretty jam-packed with separate storylines, but that’s what makes it land near the top of this list. It’s fun, start to finish. The occasional rushed feel of its episodes do reduce this season’s quality, however, knocking it down a few positions.

2. Season 6: The Ghost Riders & The Final Battle

Season six and season two were essentially tied for the number two spot on this list, but the series’ final season ultimately won out. The first half of the season follows the Wild Hunt as they force the residents of Beacon Hills to forget familiar faces, including that of Stiles Stilinski. We get to see Stiles and Lydia say “I love you” for the first time, and get a glimpse into the deep bond Stiles shares with each character on the show. The result was a Stiles-centric season, despite the Wild Hunt’s efforts.

The second half of the season, and the final plot of the show, shifts to follow a creature called the Anuk-Ite. The creature comes from Native American mythology, and shares some DNA with Medusa. Similar to the Greek Gorgon, looking into the Anuk-Ite could turn a person to stone. Alongside this storyline, the season featured Gerard’s return, along with a new generation of scarier and more bloodthirsty supernatural hunters. The final season ended up being a great conclusion to a great show.

1. Season 3: The Alpha Pack & The Nogitsune

Finally, topping our list, we have season three. Fans of the show know that season three is where viewers saw the most of the series’ memorable events go down. Stellar episodes like “Motel California” and “The Divine Move” elevate this season far above its competitors. Season three, like many of Teen Wolf‘s seasons, featured two separate arcs. The first followed the alpha pack invading Beacon Hills, and saw Derek finally show some emotion after losing his new betas.

The second part of the season features many fans’ favorite plot of the entire show. It follows the group’s battle against a mysterious creature called the Nogitsune. No one knows who the creature is, but they do know it’s among their friends. Dylan O’Brien’s acting chops really shine through this season, balancing his role as the lovable Stiles with a far more villainous second half. This season is truly the best Teen Wolf has ever been.

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