The Exorcist Series To Debut In September; Scream Queens, Lucifer, Gotham And More Score New Season Premiere Dates

zzz the exorcist regan sick

Making the transition from book to big screen to small screen is none other than the seminal horror classic, The Exorcist. With the most recent incarnation filming now, and a somewhat divisive teaser already in circulation, the question has been: when can we actually see this revised take on William Peter Blatty’s iconic novel?

As Fox released its Fall 2016 schedule today, we now know when to expect this next slice of possession to hit the box: Friday, September 23rd at 9pm. Rather amusingly, the series premieres directly after Hell’s Kitchen, and looks to be retaining that slot all season. Despite taking its cues from the aforementioned tome, and the scary-as-hell 1974 movie, Fox’s approach to the show is a sorta-kinda reboot. It won’t follow the trials and tribulations of Regan McNeil, instead focusing on a new family wracked with horror when their daughter is taken hold by an evil spirit. Same spin, different unlucky kid.

Fans of Fox’s other genre offerings can rest assured, as the network released official premiere dates for those as well. Monday September 19th sees the return of Gotham at 8pm, followed by season 2 of Lucifer at 9pm. One night later you’ll be able to check in with Chanel and her incarcerated sisters when Scream Queens returns for its season 2 premiere on Tuesday September 20th at 9pm.

All in all, there’s a healthy slice of genre action for horror and comic book fans to keep their eyes out for. Out of this bunch listed, it’s The Exorcist that looks the most intriguing though. Come on, Geena Davis in it!

But what about you? Geared up for more Gotham, or excited about Scream Queens? Or… none of them? Sound off in the comments below.