Ezra Water TikTok Account Disappears, What Happened?

ezra water tiktok

A musical artist and producer’s TikTok account has mysteriously disappeared following allegations of sexual assault by two women.

There’s no word on how or why the account was deleted, but we discovered Tuesday morning that some of the previous posts by the user @ezra.waters are now unavailable, along with that account also being unavailable.

This all comes after Waters was called out by TikTok user Nadine Malid (@nadinemalid) for a sexual assault allegation. Malid later posted a video saying another person, TikTok user @rerebelike, had messaged her saying she was also sexually assaulted by Waters. Malid said the individual messaged her on Instagram and gave permission to amplify her story due to having more followers. Check out Malid’s post below.


I will be posting her story in the next video to amplify @rerebelike voice. If you are also an SA victim of ezra.waters pls come forward and share your story

♬ original sound – Nadine Milad

Waters is a well-known musical artist and producer residing in Los Angeles and originally from Alabama, according to MtFeed. His songs rose to prominence due to its eclectic mix of soul, trap, and R&B, generating hits and a wide audience. The recent allegations have raised questions among his fan base on TikTok, however.

Having previously used the platform to promote his songs and music and interact with fans, he’s since disappeared from the social media site.

According to Malid, user @rerebelike told her that she has gone to authorities on the matter and that Waters previously deleted his Instagram and Twitter but left his TikTok up. However, the detective working on the case left Waters a voicemail before the artist left for Costa Rica. So it sounds like at this point, Waters may not even be in the U.S. anymore. In addition, @rerebelike also said she doubts Ezra Waters is the man’s real name, according to phone correspondence Malid shared. She added she believes there are possibly other victims. Check out the correspondence Malid shared below.


Part 1.this man needs to be put in jail. He SA @rerebelike and stole her necklace

♬ original sound – Nadine Milad

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