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Marvel fans began to look back at older Marvel titles as this ongoing fan-made Marvel Timeline now exists online, showcasing films before the Disney MCU.

A website called has placed most of the past, current, and future films and TV projects featuring various Marvel IPs. Not only this timeline features the Disney MCU but also films released from other production/film companies such as Fox. A preview was shared on Reddit by user u/purforium, calling it ‘Phase 0’.

Fans left comments on the post, pointing out that Disney’s MCU executive producer Kevin Feige has produced some of the older Marvel projects. They believe these old classics that he worked on probably helped him develop the tone and direction of the current MCU.

Other fans who saw the timeline began to feel nostalgic as they enjoyed the older movies before Disney took over. Some have even listed down some of their favorites in this ‘Phase 0’ of the MCU. Some have expressed interest to watch older films.

But what’s interesting is that fans also have pointed out other film titles that might have been missing on the list, which is fair since this is a fan project. But asides from requests to add the X-Men and Howard the Duck, fans are requesting to include Men In Black. Yes, the film with Will Smith, apparently the comics the film was based on were published under Malibu comics, a publishing company owned by Marvel.

While fans recognize the old Spider-Man films starring Tobey Maguire or the original Fantastic Four, the website brings to light a large amount of Marvel films outside the Disney MCU that might have been forgotten. And while the MarvelOrder website is still in development, fans can contribute by commenting on other films in the Reddit thread.

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