Farrah Abraham defends letting her 13-year-old daughter get her septum pierced for her birthday

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Farrah Abraham just celebrated the 13th birthday of her daughter Sophia, if you needed to feel old today. Now 30, Abraham had Sophie at just 17-years-old after being documented on MTV’s reality series 16 and Pregnant in 2009, and later Teen Mom.

And for her daughter’s milestone, Abraham, who considers herself to be a “cool mom,” allowed Sophia to get a septum piercing for her birthday — through the wall of cartilage between her nostrils.

Yet, not everyone is down with letting 13-year-old girls get nose piercings, for whatever reason. It’s odd that we as a society think nothing of piercing the ears of young babies but clutch pearls when a teenage girl makes an aesthetic choice about her body.

In addition to the septum piercing, Sophia also rocks streaks of bright purple hair, as you can see in the Instagram video she posted of herself getting the piercing.

So on Sunday, Abraham opened up about her decision to allow Sophia to get the piercing in a video recorded for TMZ and likewise clapped back at haters for insinuating that makes her less than a stellar mom.

“I think her generation of 13 is much different than my generation of 13,” the Teen Mom OG star explained. “Sophia is the first … in my family to get a septum piercing, and especially at 13. So I would rather — and this might just be the cool mom in me or just the loving parent — but I would rather it be by a professional, sanitized, and clean than my teen going, sneaking off and doing it herself and getting an infection and whatnot.”

“So I am blessed that — you know, even though I wasn’t for it — that we had a professional pierce her nose, and she did better than her Covid shot,” said Abraham. “I am shocked.”

“You know, to those who might feel it is inappropriate that my daughter got her nose professionally done, legally done, I’m all about being legal,” she continued. “We abided by the law. I am doing my best as a parent to make sure that she is healthy and happy, and I covered those bases. So congratulations to Sophia. I’m wishing her the best in her teen years, and if she wants to get more piercings, more power to her. If she doesn’t, that’s awesome too.”

However, Abraham added that she didn’t know if she’d be “down” if Sophia decided she wanted a tattoo — which is totally fair since a tattoo is far more permanent than a piercing, and particularly a septum piercing. In other words, nothing to see here, folks!

“I got my septum piercing for my birthday!!” Sophia captioned her Instagram post with the big reveal. “I am so happy with how it turned out! I am the first person in my family to get a septum piercing at 13!! Birthday wish came true!!

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