Florian Picasso And Blinders’ Miami 2016 Mix Is A Feelgood Journey


Miami Music Week is just around the corner, but Protocol Recordings signees Florian Picasso and Blinders want to get you in the mood for the festivities early. The two progressive house artists have compiled a mix titled Miami 2016 sure to make you feel like you’re already at one of the city’s sunny beach parties.

Tracks like the Ben Lemonz remix of Volt & State’s “Sandcastles” and Arno Cost’s “Coming Alive” set a melodic tone at the beginning of mix, but its energy continually rises. The middle part is characterized more by big room bangers with massive synth leads and monstrous bass kicks, with more of an emphasis on singalong anthems near the end.

Of course, Florian Picasso and Blinders’ tracks receive tasteful placement in the Miami 2016 mix as well. The former artist’s “Final Call” and “Want It Back” can be heard, as well as “You Don’t Know” by the latter artist.

While listening to Florian Picasso and Blinders’ Miami 2016 mix in the YouTube player above, find them using the time stamps in the track list below and let us know what you think of it.

00:00 Volt & State – Sandcastles (Mix Cut) (Ben Lemonz Remix)
03:30 Arno Cost – Coming Alive (Original Mix Edit)
04:54 Pandaboyz & Nano Bites – Live As Me (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
08:15 Feider & Dzasko – Crashed ft. Melanie Fontana (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
11:47 Sam Void – Reachless (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
14:38 Corey James & Teamworx – Make the Crowd GO (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
17:53 Blinders – You Don’t Know (Original Mix Edit)
19:38 Def Rock & Charlie Ray – Venom (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
23:00 Volt & State, Sam Void & Avedon – Hold On (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
26:42 Florian Picasso – Final Call (Original Mix Edit)
28:00 Tom Tyger & Simon Alex – Axe (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
31:30 Nico De Andrea – Kids Of Africa (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
34:00 Arno Cost – 1000 Suns (Original Mix Edit)
36:08 Ovion – I Dream (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
39:53 Exit Friendzone & Murtagh – Crossfire ft. Karra (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
43:38 Glen Dale & Alvedon – Follow You (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
46:42 Deniz Koyu & Don Palm – Aviators (Lift) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
50:57 Florian Picasso – Want It Back (Mix Cut) (Miami Edit)
54:04 Nicky Romero & Stadiumx – Harmony (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)
57:38 Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers – Future Funk (Mix Cut) (Radio Edit)