These Two New Flume IDs Are Nearly Opposites


It’s pretty easy to get behind anything that Flume does, but the latest tracks he’s debuted might even have loyal fans a little torn. The Australian downtempo prodigy recently performed at Governor’s Ball in New York City, and debuted two new IDs in the process – but while the tracks show off his impressive range as a producer, he may have confused some of his listeners as well.

The first track starts with a four-four beat and hints at a dreamlike vocal sample before dropping into a future bass syncopation with the sample playing out in full. Pitch-bent sawtooth synths build up to a simple yet poignant lead melody, which rises to a grandiose peak before returning to the four-four beat before he mixes it out.

The second ID starts with a strong female vocal and a faster tempo than the previous one, then drops into a considerably more festival-friendly trap drop. Almost entirely driven by percussive elements, it strays away from Flume’s typical style while staying anchored to the vocal.

While the disparity between the two tracks makes for something of a head scratcher and we definitely like the first a bit better, we feel that they’re both relevant when held up against his previous releases.

We want to hear from you, though – tell us which of Flume‘s new IDs you like better in the comments section below, and why.