Flume Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His Live Show


Flume has released a new recap video today, giving his fans an exclusive behind the scenes look at his new live show. The three and a half minute clip offers up some rare insight into the world of live music and the work that goes into producing a massive stage show, as well as some more candid footage of the artist backstage.

The forward thinking producer is still making his way around the globe with tours throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand, but the European leg of performances have already wrapped up and this is what the new clip focuses on. In addition to the usual recap fare showing off sold out crowds and thrilling performances, the video also shows us an inside look at what goes on before Flume takes to the stage, such as co-ordinating with the lighting crew.

Additionally, we get a glimpse at how the Aussie producer spends his time before a performance, as he plays ping pong and kicks a soccer ball around with some friends. It’s a rare look into the less glamorous side of a touring DJ, and fans will surely enjoy seeing Flume in a more natural state.