Flux Pavilion Finally Announces Debut Album


Timing is everything in the music world, but unfortunately Flux Pavilion may not have it working in his favor for his upcoming body of work. The British bass music producer skyrocketed to international stardom during the dubstep breakthrough of 2010, but as integral a part of our music landscape as songs like “Cracks” and “I Can’t Stop” became in the years to follow, he never got around to releasing a full-length album.

Puzzlingly, even though dubstep has come and gone, he’s picked now of all times to announce the release of his debut album, Tesla, on September 18th.

Tesla is a project I have been waiting to write since I started Flux Pavilion,” he said of the effort. “One thing I love about music is how it makes me feel, and that’s what I want to capture with this record – a record that doesn’t strictly sound like you would expect, but makes you feel like you are listening to a Flux record.”

For his sake, we hope it doesn’t sound like we expect it to – because we can’t imagine anybody wanting to play those tracks out.

When it all comes down to it, though, that actually depends on you. How excited are you for Flux Pavilion‘s debut album, Tesla? Sound off below!