Former ‘SNL’ star Jim Breuer roasted online for absolutely unfunny comedy

Image via Jim Breuer

A massive amount of Twitter users posting, retweeting, and commenting on a clip of your act is a dream for many comedians. But, on the other hand, the idea of Twitter users posting and commenting on your joke just to roast you for being unfunny is many comedians’ ultimate nightmare.

And right now, Jim Breuer is experiencing the latter on Twitter. 

Jim Breuer has been doing comedy since the late 1980s. He was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, where he became known for his Joe Pesci and Goat Boy sketches. Breuer went on to have his own show and appeared in movies like Half Baked. More recently, he’s a controversial figure, drawing the ire of many people when he refused to perform at any venue that required COVID-19 vaccinations earlier this year.

The Right Wing Watch Twitter account posted the clip circulating on Twitter. The clip shows Jim performing at a right-wing event called ReAwaken America. Jim starts by asking the audience: “Do you know what a cockatoo is?” He proceeds to make bird noises for several seconds before adding, “That’s what everyone’s become, little cockatoos staring at the screen.” Before making more bird noises interspersed with phrases like: “trust the science,” and “Doctor Fauci,” in a bit obviously designed to mock those in favor of Covid-19 restrictions. 

However, while some in the audience laughed, Twitter was less kind to the clip. One user said that they “don’t even think you can call this comedy” before adding, “whoever keeps booking Jim Breuer has committed a hate crime against every American.”

While another user asks how Breuer became “less funny than he was in the ’90s?”

Another user points out that the bit starts with Breuer, “making sure the audience knows what a cockatoo is,” implying he presumes that they might not be familiar with the common bird. 

Others are using this opportunity to show off their best zingers. The burns include a user who posts a clever twist on the “three men walk into a bar” joke that skewers many Conservative celebrities. 

One user points out that Breuer should not make fun of people for wanting to know the facts and figures surrounding Covid-19. Because “it’s a fact that he hasn’t been a famous figure since the 90s,” poking fun at Breuer’s inability to become as respected or beloved as many of his Saturday Night Live co-stars. 

Finally, another user succinctly summarized the internet’s reaction to whatever it was Breuer did, saying”, “Everybody laughed when Jim Breuer said he wanted to be a comedian. Well, one’s laughing now!”