FX announces new season of ‘American Horror Stories’ with decidedly creepy promo poster

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American Horror Stories is ready to frighten viewers with a second season, and the promo poster for the new episodes will undeniably haunt your dreams tonight.

FX just announced that season 2 of the hit anthology series hits Hulu on July 21 with a three-word tagline that’s almost as creepy as the image itself. Porcelain dolls, big terrifying eyes, and a glance that pierces your soul — it’s all a bit unnerving.

“Somebody’s watching you,” the Instagram post warns, and we’re suddenly more freaked out than we care to admit.

American Horror Stories introduced familiar themes from its predecessor, American Horror Story, to new faces and characters in the Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk realm in the show’s first season. While American Horror Story took viewers on season-long horror adventures, American Horror Stories tells a frightening or murderous tale in just one hour.

With episodes like “Drive-In,” wherein a film turned audiences into cold-blooded killers, and “The Naughty List,” which saw a group of young adults being murdered after making fun of a mall Santa, American Horror Stories isn’t afraid to take your most normal situations, and interlace them with terror.

Not much is known about the second installment of American Horror Stories just yet, but if dolls that stalk your every move are involved, it’s safe to say you won’t be sleeping soundly after the upcoming episodes. Season 1 of American Horror Stories is streaming on Hulu now, and you can rewatch it as you prepare to welcome your nightmares once again on July 21.

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