G20: Police Arrest 70 People At University of Toronto

The G20 is in Toronto this weekend and things are getting rowdy. Protesters are out in full swing and much damage and vandalism has gone on over the weekend. As you can see in the pictures we posted yesterday, police cars were burnt, store windows smashed etc. Now news comes to us from The Globe and Mail that in a raid this morning on the University of Toronto, 70 people were arrested.

Last night the police received a tip that weapons were being stored in the Koffler Student Centre and with the Graduate Students’ Union. Police acted on the tip and during their raids, they found a number of weapons of opportunity. This means that the items they found weren’t necessarily weapons but if used correctly, they could become weapons.

No charges have been laid yet as police are still investigating the matter.

Hopefully things will start to settle down with the G20. Yesterday it got pretty bad, at one point the military was on stand by. We’ll see how things go today.

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