Galantis’ “No Money” Is A Return To The Duo’s Upbeat Style


Galantis‘ debut album, Pharmacy, left a bit to be desired. While certainly a respectable collection of progressive house productions, most of its tracks failed to match the euphoria of seminal releases like “Runaway” and “You.” While it’s not a song that pushes the envelope by any means, though, their latest release, “No Money,” sees the Swedish duo recapture some of the same liveliness.

A tongue-in-cheek vocal by an as-yet-unidentified vocalist is punctuated by warm pluck synths in the beginning, before the percussion doubles in frequency to usher in a bouncy bass drop. The festive mood of the arrangement also promises it a fair amount of circulation throughout the festival circuit now that the season is under way.

Being that Galantis hinted at the prospect of a new album in 2016, it stands to reason that “No Money” might be among the the first singles from the effort. Until an official announcement of such is made, however, take it as little more than speculation.