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Gamers discuss which horror characters they’d love to see in ‘Dead By Daylight’

Please, Behaviour. We're begging you.

Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive’s Dead By Daylight is currently celebrating its six-year anniversary with the “Twisted Masquerade” event, which invites players to complete challenges for accessories, Bloodpoints, and limited edition items and add-ons. On June 7, Dead By Daylight unveiled its 24th Chapter: “Roots of Dread” featuring a new killer, The Dredge; a new survivor, Haddie Kaur, and a new map, the Garden of Joy. The Dredge, also known as The Druanee, goes by many names; it is essentially the manifestation of fear and darkness, supposedly based on the “Gatherers” from the survival indie horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

As for Haddie Kaur, she is an entirely original character whose parents died in a car crash; the trauma resulted in Kaur suffering otherworldly visions where reality overlaps with another, darker dimension. After introducing The Dredge and Haddie Kaur, Dead By Daylight is undoubtedly working on Chapter 25 and Reddit has sparked a debate surrounding the more obscure Dead By Daylight characters that should join the killer and survivor ranks in future chapters.

Only licensed characters are considered for this discussion, such as Michael Myers from Halloween or Freddy Kreuger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Right now, the in-game playable models are a mix of existing characters and original characters. There has been an ongoing discourse among Dead By Daylight fans as to whether the licensed characters are better than the original ones.

For years, fans have been crying out for Behaviour Interactive to acquire the rights to many different characters, one of the most popular being Friday the 13th‘s Jason Vorhees. However, the supposedly “less popular” options might actually be more popular than originally thought and from Stranger Things‘ Eddie Munson to Hush‘s The Masked Man, some of them are definitely worth considering (we’re talking to you, Behaviour).

Already, Eddie Munson has become insanely popular among Stranger Things fans after being introduced in the show’s fourth season as a newcomer. Played by Joseph Quinn, the leader of The Hellfire Club has the ladies swooning and the whole fanbase loving his “bad boy rocker” getup. Plus, Fatal Frame, Dead Space, and Gremlins are all excellent suggestions. Behavior would have to work out some of the kinks, especially in regards to knee-level extraterrestrials like the Gremlins.

How exactly that would work in a multiplayer horror like Dead By Daylight isn’t immediately clear, but they could work something out. Does anyone even remember Little Shop of Horrors? If you’ve never watched the film; first of all, where have you been all these years? Second of all, Google it right now. Imagine the “Mean Green Mother from Outer Space” coming at you? Seymour wouldn’t stand a chance.

Circling back to Mike Flanagan’s Hush, The Masked Man seems to be mentioned multiple times. If Trapper were given a skin for Hush, it’s true that he would need to undergo some size adjustments; Trapper is a towering menace compared to the average-sized man who terrorizes Maddie in Flanagan’s unconventional home invasion flick. Still, the suggestion is a solid one, especially since Hush is severely underrated, and Dead By Daylight could give it the love and attention it deserves. Again, if you haven’t seen it — Google it.

On the other hand; Jurassic Park? Until Dawn? These are must-haves for Dead By Daylight. Especially since there seems to be an abundance of human or humanoid killers, Dead By Daylight needs some velociraptors and wendigos to even out the human-hybrid gene pool. Honestly, the list goes on, but only time will tell if Behaviour has taken the initiative to read through these Reddit posts and take these choices into consideration. Hopefully, Chapter 25 brings something extra special.

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